#100DaysofNotebooking — Days 1-7!

Welcome to 2020! I don’t know about you guys, but I started the new year with daily writing.

I know… I know… I should’ve already been doing that.  I wasn’t. However, with the beginning of #100DaysofNotebooking (started by Michelle Haseltine), I’ve formed a habit that I would love to share with you!

Want to know what else I’ve written about during #100DaysofNotebooking? Check out my Table of Contents to find out!

Time out… What are you talking about?

Michelle started this 2020 notebooking adventure to help anyone who wants to form a daily writing habit.

“Let’s find time each day and write in a notebook…open the notebook every day and write.”

—Michelle’s 12/27/2019 post: “What is it?”

So many people were interested, and even more have joined in since the start of the year. Michelle created a Facebook group for writer’s to share their work and encourage one another, too.

I have personally shared my daily writing in that group, and I love the responses I receive! I also enjoy reading and responding to the work of others. There are so many different kinds of notebooks, and it’s amazing to see the variety.

  • journaling
  • poetry
  • writing ideas (stories, etc.)
  • lists
  • sketchnoting
  • mentor texts
  • reflections
  • goals
  • and so much more!

I have decided (today) that I will share each week with you. I may turn this into 365 (oops, Leap Year… 366) days of notebooking!

My Notebook: a gift 

The notebook I’m using (which is note my Writer’s Notebook) was a Christmas gift from my friend and coworker, Sarah. She knows how much I enjoy writing, and she found me a beautiful journal!

Thank you, Sarah!


Day 1: One Little Word (#OLW)

Before I begin, I have a confession. I had set the wrong notebook next to me during my writing time. The other notebook, a pretty red one that I received as a Christmas gift from my grandmother-in-law, beckoned for me to write in it. So, I did…

When I realized that it wasn’t the notebook I had intended for #100DaysofNotebooking, I cut that page out and pasted it in the write notebook. It might not matter to other people, but I like to pretend I’m at least somewhat organized…

All that to say, my Day One was dedicated to #OLW, one little word. My 2020 word is TIME. Why? Why not? I definitely need to use my time more efficiently, and that is my goal this year.


Day 2: Memories — Family

What to write about? Isn’t that a common issue? I didn’t know what to write about on Day Two, so I chose “memories” as my topic and “family” as my focus.

I actually meant to only focus on “siblings,” but I started writing family… Oops. I’ll focus on sibling memories in the future, which gives me a topic sometime when I can’t think of one.


Day 3: Poem — Tired

On Day Three, I was so tired. I write in the evenings after my kids go to bed, and sometimes I’m drained. Instead of skipping day three, I decided to write a quick poem about my day.


Day 4: Listicle — To Be Read (TBR) List

I could not think of anything to write on Day Four. I decided to ask Google for topics. I was not disappointed. I found Sarah Steckler’s list on “Mindful Productivity” that gives “50 Lists to make when life feels overwhelming.”

The first one on that list is to write down “Books you want to read,” so I did! I gave my top 7, but I have an incredibly long TBR list! (I started Pieces of Her yesterday!)


Day 5: Listicle — Top 8 Reads 2019

After the amazing responses to my previous entry, Day Five needed to be about books I had read and enjoyed in 2019.

I’m not sure which one would be Number One for me, but I loved all of these! Now to write a few book reviews


Day 6: Train of Thought — Today

Day Six was a busy day, mostly because it was the day before we’d have students back at school… which meant lots of planning after not coming to school for two weeks!

Basically, I was attempting to reassure myself that my students have access to a variety of writing activities. Thankfully, they do via #gamification! I am so excited that I got that off the ground in my classroom!


Day 7:

My lovely (virtual) friend, Nicole (N.V.  Rivera), mentioned that she’d be embarking on the year-long challenge of #52Weeks52Stories. I had tried this challenge back in 2018, and succeeded in writing a story a week until mid-October.

Why did I stop? Fall semester is super busy. Other than that, I have no excuse. My goal this year is to complete a story a week all year!

My problem on Day Seven was that I had no idea what to write about. I perused my collection of prompts, and found one by @FlashFicHive via Anjela Curtis: Ask the 8-Ball. You’re supposed to start the story by asking the Magic 8 Ball a question and going with it.

I took it a step further and continued asking questions throughout the entire story! It was so much fun! I’m only sharing the first page here since I might end up posting about this method later on.


On Twitter…

Check out other notebooks on Twitter! There are so many amazing writers out there, but I’ve selected a few entries to share with you here:

Join us!

Feel free to join in whenever you want! Your day one can begin any day!

Are you interested in learning more about one of my entries? Let me know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “#100DaysofNotebooking — Days 1-7!

      1. It’s not really an omnijournal, it’s not a bullet journal, it’s not really a commonplace book either and it’s used for more than creative writing, so I’ve settled on just calling it my “workbook” 😂 I take notes on what I’m reading, I brainstorm, I write, I have a lot of thesis stuff in there, it’s got a few lists… I basically use it for whatever I’m doing at the time. It’s a stalogy A5 that I pair with a jibun techo for my daily planning and life stuff.

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  1. This is so cool! Good for you for doing this. I like making lists of books to read and favorite books I’ve read and hearing about what others are reading. What really caught my attention, though, is #7 — what a fun way to write a story!

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