#100DaysofNotebooking — Table of Contents

As I was preparing for my second post about #100DaysofNotebooking, I realized that my titles don’t really help you know the content of the posts.

Notebooking daily means the topic likely changes daily, so I’ve decided to keep a Table of Contents here for you in case you want to see certain kinds of posts. Hopefully it helps you as much as it helps me! I definitely need to keep up with what I’m doing.

Quick Review

Michelle started this 2020 notebooking adventure to help anyone who wants to form a daily writing habit. Check out my Days 1-7 post for more information.


Table of Contents

Days 1-7

  • 1 – One Little Word: Time
  • 2 – Memories: Family
  • 3 – Poem: Tired
  • 4 – Listicle: To Be Read
  • 5 – Listicle: Top 8 Reads of 2019
  • 6 – Train of Thought: Today
  • 7 – Story Time: Week 1 of #52Weeks52Stories

Days 8-14

  • 8 – Main WIP: Things to do
  • 9 – Thoughts: Names
  • 10 – Hobby: Crochet
  • 11 – My New Mug
  • 12 – News: Opportunity
  • 13 – Goals: This Week
  • 14 – Quote: From a Book

Days 15-100

I did keep up with this until about day 60. However, I no longer wanted to blog about all my entries.

Instead, I’ll update with a few of my notebook pages every now and then. I’ll especially update when I start back on my 100-day journey with a bit about my life during this adventure.

If you tackled the 100 days, I hope you did great! If you didn’t finish, don’t worry: you can pick it back up any time.


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