Writing, Teaching, and Family! Oh my!

How do you even begin an “About” section? I’m guessing it’s not like this, but you’re reading it anyway – thanks!

I’ve been teaching at the secondary level for five years. I started at a small private school for Emotionally Disturbed students in Virginia, and now I’m at a public school in Texas. I have taught several subjects in my five years, but my favorite has been writing.

It all started with reading in elementary school. I had a few teachers that would read novels out loud to our class. In third grade, Mrs. Marrs even gave me a book that year for Christmas as a going away present since I was moving during the holidays.

As I got older, I discovered poetry, which changed my life. Have you ever had one of those life-changing discoveries? I started writing poetry, reading poetry, and I even found a place where I could publish a few online.

Poetry wasn’t all I wanted to write, though. I became interested in all types of writing, including letters to pen pals. I still write to pen pals even now!

In high school, my friend Larry noticed my love of writing and suggested that I become an English teacher. I laughed at him (the way only friends can), and went off to college to major in music. After my first year, I was no longer laughing… Larry was right.

Now, here I am years later a teacher and a writer. I’m in the middle of the writing process with my first novel, and I’m finally learning how to start a blog.

In between all that, I have a wonderful family who puts up with me. My husband, Josh, and I have been married since July 13, 2008, and we have two energetic sons: Billy and Mikhael.

Hobbies are important, too. Don’t forget that you need them to keep your sanity! My sanity remains intact (for now) because of crocheting, sewing, reading, writing, and walking.

I think that’ll do for an “About” section. Feel free to follow me on Twitter or “like” my crochet page on Facebook (links below)!

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