Why I Write…

People write for all sorts of reasons every single day: send a text or email, leave or make a note, finish something for work or school, jot down a recipe, send a letter, balance a checkbook, make a grocery list, etc.

I, too, write America. As a writer and teacher of writing, I’m also excited about the National Day of Writing, which was created by the National Council of Teachers of English and adopted by the Senate every year on October 20th since 2009.

While following #TeachWrite on Twitter for their first Monday of the month chat this week, I saw Margaret Simon’s challenge to share #WhyIWrite.


1. I write because I enjoy it.

I have so many reasons to write, but this is my number one reason: I enjoy writing. Yes, I’m a writing teacher. Yes, I’m in the middle of writing my first book (revising, actually). Yes, I sometimes have to write.

However, I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t truly enjoy writing.


I keep a writer’s notebook, and I fill it with my ideas. I love to write in it, and I love the feeling of needing a new one when I’ve filled the current one up!

I enjoy the feel of a colorful pen in my hand, and the gentle sound it makes when it touches the page.

2. I write because I have ideas.

“Where did that idea come from?”

“What are your sources of inspiration?”

There are countless others that writers are asked, but those are probably the top two. The great thing about writing is that ideas can come from anywhere. You can look at a blank page sometimes and start writing.

Some places I search for ideas:

  • past brainstorms
  • songs
  • poems
  • gifs
  • photos
  • life events
  • writing prompts
  • first line prompts
  • quotes

The photo below is from a prompt that said to use a song as inspiration. #FlashFicHive is a month-long flash fiction writing workshop hosted by Anjela Curtis on Twitter. I’ve used her prompts to inspire several pieces of flash fiction, and she has an event all this month! (Flash fiction is short fiction that generally has a twist ending.)


3. I write because I read.

It’s true. Reading and writing go hand-in-hand (ask any writer).

Writing about the books you read often help inspire others to read those books, too. I don’t write book reviews often, but I should! I outline them first in my notebook, which helps me show my process when I’m helping my students.


For the final copy of this outlined review, click the following link: Book Review: Chasing Eveline. Maybe my writing will inspire you to read Leslie’s novel and write a review, too!

4. I write to help and inspire my students.

Speaking of helping my students, I also write with them. We recently worked on a personal narrative, so I wrote one in order to show them how to incorporate the skills we talked about.

As you can see, I purposefully added a lot of “to be” verbs (which is a lot harder than you think) as part of our lesson on incorporating better verbs. Unfortunately, not all of the changes were to stronger verbs, but we’re taking it one step at a time.


Before we wrote our personal narratives, we created a “Treasure Map” of ideas. This map inspired students to try another narrative in their own writer’s notebook using a different “X” event.

Students are more likely to try something new when they have a model to use. They’re especially eager to try it when they see the teacher trying it, too!


5. I write because I can.

What better reason to end this blog post? I write because I can. I am capable of writing, and sometimes it’s pretty good.

I can write stories for fun, narratives with my students, or poems because they help me cope with whatever it is I’m feeling.


We gain freedom when we write, so why wouldn’t we want that?

Why do you write? What is your favorite form of writing? Share with me in the comments!


National Day of Writing — NCTE link

Join the #WhyIWrite Blog Hop — Margaret’s link

14 thoughts on “Why I Write…

  1. I write because I have a story of God’s work in my life. I write to tell the story of God’s AMAZING love, grace, and forgiveness! I just finished my book, feel free to check it out! walkingtheway.com is where you can find it!

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  2. Jess, it is good having writing partners as we prepare for the National Day On Writing. I especially like your thought, I write because I can. If only every teacher would feel the same way, perhaps more students would be passionate about writing.

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  3. I write because it’s a way to express frustrations I have in my life. It’s a way to take myself out of the equation. Most of the stories I write incorporate my experiences, even if it’s a small piece. Something that I either haven’t put to rest, or something that I love to retell.

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  4. I love your reasons for writing, especially ‘because I can’! It’s truly a gift we’re lucky to have. I write because it’s when I experience “flow,” the loss of time, the art of beautiful sentences. I love it.

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  5. Thank you so much for participating in our monthly link-up! We write for so many reasons, it is wonderful to hear what inspires others. I especially liked “I write because I can.” Writing is a gift we have been given and we honor it by using it.

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    1. This is a great event to participate in! I’m going to have my students work on something, too! We should definitely use our abilities. 🙂

      Thank you for your comment!


  6. I write because it’s a good outlet for me, and one day I hope to inspire others to write also. My favorite form of writing in narratives, poems, and hopefully one day a book

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