Are you still there, JJ?

Great question. I’m here, and I’m working on something big! Check back in later this month for something I never thought I’d share.

In the meantime, please enjoy this poem I wrote just now when I’m supposed to be finishing up a baby quilt…

From the quilt I’m supposed to be working on…

A lot

Someone on the TV just said

“A lot” —

What were they talking about?

I’m not sure since I’m not entirely paying attention

to the details of the show…

something about cooking…

or maybe not…

Life is a lot right now —

I feel overwhelmed and

a little scatterbrained…

Should I find a new therapist?

Did you know mine left?

She didn’t even tell me…

Neither did the place she worked…

She just left.

It’s a lot to deal with on my own right now.


4 thoughts on “Are you still there, JJ?

  1. awww. I agree that life can be a lot.
    I also had my therapist disappear without notification. 😡 Of all the people we see regularly, you would think a therapist would know better. I guess it’s like they told me before: you can’t always control what happens to you, just how you respond to it.
    Anyway, hope you find a new one, like I did. And hope you know you’re not alone ❤

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    1. Thanks Michelle! The one who replaces her isn’t available for new patients until September, so I’m trying to decide if I should wait or look around… By the time I decide, she probably won’t have an opening until even later.


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